Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Al Urban took this 1930s photo of Fred DeGroot.
Unfortunately, I don't have a version without the watermark.  



  1. Wow, monumental, just look at those thighs..

  2. Al Urban sure knew what he was doing. I know Albert won't like the models obvious manscaping, but he checks all the right boxes for me. Everything about this is timeless and classic like a Douglas of Detroit. From his classic, well groomed hair to his washboard abs and nicely developed arms and legs, this model could be from any decade. I was told that the 20's and depression era was a time of great change especially in the arts, and it's reflected in your photos.

    1. You are onto something with the historical context. World War I exposed about a million young American men to European cultural values, and the Great Depression shook up society from top to bottom.