Thursday, November 5, 2020

British Imperial War Museum Photo Archive via Larry K.

Today I am featuring some photos sent to me by Larry K. from the Imperial War Museum photo archive in London.  Most of them are World War II, but I think this one is from Mesopotamia in WWI.
I'm not sure because I cropped it from a larger picture without attaching the label.  Oops!
Edited to add:  Just got a note from Larry, and these are Germans in the Aisne River in France, 1915.

Many thanks to Larry for his great contributions.



  1. I continue to be a big fan of Larry's historical photos. (The Edvard Munch series was my all time favorite.) Thanks for including them from time to time.

  2. Bien que le thème d'aujourd'hui soit différent, j'apprécie énormément cette série de photo pour deux raisons. Premièrement, j'adore les photos prisent dans la vie de tous les jours et deuxièmement, on y voit beaucoup de belles fesses..Je suppose, Jerry que tu savais que j'apprécierais et je me demande si tu n'as pensé à moi en postant ces photos !!:-)
    Although today's theme is different, I really enjoy this photo series for two reasons. Firstly, I love the pictures taken in everyday life and secondly, you can see a lot of beautiful buttocks in them..I guess Jerry you knew I would appreciate and I wonder if you thought of me by posting these photos !! :-)

    1. Yes, when I finished the series and reviewed it, I knew you would like it.