Sunday, November 22, 2020

Men and Columns

We start our Sunday feature of men and columns 
with this unattributed photo of Stan Stanczyk. 
Edited to add:  Thanks to 2ndWave for correctly identifying
 Douglas of Detroit as the photographer.



  1. Wasn't he a former Mr. America in the early 50's?

    1. Well, you're on the right track, Greggy. Although he was never Mr. America, Stan won five consecutive World Championships and six U.S. national titles in weightlifting across three weight classes, 1946-52. Oh, and lets not forget two Olympic medals, one gold and one silver. Maybe he was too busy to do the Mr. America contest, which some at that time thought of as a beauty contest rather than a skill competition.

  2. Photo by Douglas of Detroit, per "Male Models Vintage Beefcake"

    He is pure perfection!