Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Mr. Scumbeast captioned this one as
 "Looking for his bar of soap before going into the shower."



  1. That is, in all honesty, a very honest photo. The jockstrap has latterly become perhaps the ultimate "gay garment" but we forget at our peril that back in the day - and for decades - the jockstrap was just simply medically-recommended and accepted for sports of most disciplines. One's first jockstrap was nearly a rite of passage into adulthood. I most certainly remember the day when I got my first - one of many. The Rolls Royce of jockstraps in England was the Litesome. Extremely well made, they were, however, very heavy and took a long time to dry in the often damp English climate. Through an American boy at my school whose father was stationed at one of the many military bases on Salisbury Plain, I managed to lay my hands on some of the new Bikes - featured above - which dried so much more quickly after my daily run.

    A propos of strictly nothing, I went for a drink at a local watering hole on the Saturday night before our most recent lockdown. In these days of Covid, I had bought myself an obligatory mask from a gay store walking distance from me - I hadn't seen so many jockstraps since I ran for England - because I wasn't going to be ripped off online - by "Code 22", purveyors of sartorial elegance to the man-about-town from Catalonia since 2015. On my way out of the pub, one of the barmen said goodnight and "I like the mask, sir". I wonder what he was wearing under his jeans.

  2. Rite of passage indeed. I told my father when the time came that I needed money for underwear. He replied, "Your mother buys your drawers, so you must've figured out you need a jockstrap. Here's two bucks." I think I had enough money left over for a banana split. And yes, I bought a Bike.

  3. A photo that again proves very clearly, that a jockstrap is definitely the only appropriate thing a guy should wear! 👍 Much more erotic than clumsy nudity, the rubber bands of a jockstrap form the perfect setting for a strong man's bottom. Its mostly coarse-meshed, tight pouch, often hides less than it conceals 😊, and thanks to its shape, it is also very good at promoting the creation of magnificent bulge. As the guy in the photo clearly shows us, a man can hardly show his body better than with a jockstrap! ⭐⭐