Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Al Urban Day - Men who weren't "small" and magazine covers

Bob Mizer of AMG somewhat famously said,  "Al Urban has made a good living for years photographing men with the smallest dicks in America."  While there was something 
to that statement, it wasn't entirely true.  First, there were quite a few of his models 
whose endowments were at least average.  And second, Urban did a good business 
shooting photos for fitness and bodybuilding magazines.  So today we will look at 
some men from both of those groups, starting with John Gallagher, one of Urban's 
favorite models based on the number of pictures made of him.



  1. I think Al Urban used his photography to turn these men into sculpture. He made their bodies look like fine art, and, as far as I'm concerned, small dicks in Urban's photography are like small dicks in great paintings or on great sculpture - an important element in a great work.

    1. Your comparison of Urban's work to Classical sculpture is spot on in all regards you mention. I have often thought he was going for that sort of look, and never linked it to package size. Your moderator now says, "Duhhhhhhhhh . . . "

    2. There certainly is a strong classical influence in Bob's work. hence the proportionate appendages. John here is, me perfection.

    3. Urban seems to have agreed with you, David. There are more pictures of this model in his portfolio than any other.