Thursday, January 28, 2021


Finishing the Vic Seipke series with this classic Douglas of Detroit photo.  I find it interesting on several levels.  First, the shadow of Vic's arm creates the illusion that he might be wearing a Speedo.  Whether that was intentional or accidental is unknown.  Second, the overall lighting differs between the lower and upper parts of his body, drawing the viewers eyes in different directions.  And finally, the trademark pompadour hairdo has a part in the overall effect.  Doug Juleff knew what he was doing.



  1. The light oil job doesn't detract from the beauty of this photo, either.

  2. I also like seeing shadws on the wall, and...there it is.

  3. Absolute perfection from head to toe!

  4. He is definitely one of the all-time best-ever models! I've often wondered though, what was up with all that nudity? I'm not even implying that he was gay or bi but he certainly seemed to like to display his full frontal magnificence. I also wonder if he ever posed (privately) exhibiting some sort of arousal??

    1. Although he was a champion bodybuilder, I'm sure he got paid for posing nude, so money was probably part of it. Some hetero men enjoy posing nude, but I'm not aware of any photos where Mr. Seipke is aroused.