Thursday, January 7, 2021

I think this is the rear view of the same guy on the YMCA roof as in the preceding photo.
And for some reason, he is standing on a folded white towel in this one.



  1. Having been on several YMCA roofs to sunbathe naked, I csn tell you that they were all tar-covered and hot. The old men running the show always warned you to bring towels to lay on. I only saw one (in Lynchburg Va),that had cots. Did not matter...they were always crowded and arousal was prett common. So I don't blame this man for standing on his towel. The roof tar was. probably hot, sticky and dirty. He's still pretty sexy, isn't he?

    1. I would say he is trying to avoid standing on that hot tar. Notice in the first picture that he does not plant his feet flat!

  2. This is yet another thing I wish I'd experienced. Lots of straight men seem to loose their inhibitions when sun bathing. At my work place it was usual to see men tops off and with their jeans and fly undone, to get that bit more of a tan. That guy is a stunner...