Thursday, January 28, 2021

It has been remarked that Vic Seipke's images range from boyishly engaging to intimidating. 
This Douglas of Detroit photo would definitely fall into the latter category, and that shadow 
below Mr. Seipke's brow immediately made me think of Boris Karloff in Frankenstein..  
I have to sadly add that I've come across a garish poor quality version of it marketed 
in the late 1960s without Doug Juleff's permission and without even crediting him.



  1. I agree on about the "Frankestein Effect," but oh that bod, and those low hangers!

  2. Shame on whoever did not credit if they knew who created. It's wrong. There is SO much creative work out there that gets stolen.

    1. And this was back in the 60's when it took more effort than just to cut and paste something on the internet to pirate someone's work. They had to acquire a photo, take it to a commercial printer for plate processing, physically produce thousands of copies, and then distribute them.