Sunday, January 17, 2021

Those Mizer Squiggle Codes

You've all heard of the Da Vinci Codes, and some of you have heard about the Bob Mizer Squiggle Codes.  Those are the cryptic symbolic notes that Bob Mizer of AMG placed in some of his magazine pages to describe certain proclivities of the models.  In a later series, we'll actually look at some of the hilarious messages he printed about them in the clear, such as "If you let him in your house, make him keep his hands in his pockets or your jewelry and loose change will be gone."
Edited to add:  During one of Mizer's confrontations with the legal authorities, they used those squiggles as "evidence" that he was running a mail order male prostitution ring.  They were supposed to let the "customers" know what acts the men would do.  While some of the men in the pictures were indeed hustlers, and some of the squiggles did indeed refer (usually vaguely) to sex acts, Mizer was not a pimp.



  1. The story is that the models were in fact hustlers, Mizer didn't know this, and they worked out a code. Once familiar with physique photography culture from other models or from johns, they knew the code and filled out Mizer's optional form.

    Basically Bob Mizer and his mother were the only people unaware of the prostitution ring under their noses.

    1. Some of Mizer's models were indeed hustlers, but most accounts indicate that he knew about this and that they did not form an organized ring. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I even read that the police looked into this and couldn't prove he was running a rent boy ring.