Sunday, January 17, 2021

Tom Short and Jimmy Giussi posed like twins on the AMG rooftop for this photo, 
and their squiggles are relatively close matches.  I wonder if "Short" was 
a stage name chosen by Mizer for sly symbolic reasons.



  1. Tom is very handsome! But if he was born in July 1943 and Jim was burn in April 1943, how can Tom be 22 while Jim is only 19? Not that this is of major importance.

  2. Not to confuse things further but the guy on the left looks a lot like a young John Krivos. We all know that these guys would change names with each photographer they posed for. Up until now I'd never seen Mizer's symbols on any of his photos. It seems rather unwise to have a personal code displayed publicly, considering how often he was prosecuted.

    1. Oh yes, I've seem some of these models under as many as three names, sometimes using more that one at different times with the same photographer. The guy above does resemble Krivos, but I did some comparisons and don't think it's him.