Monday, February 15, 2021

I believe these are British troops swimming at Corfu in Greece during World War I.  Larry K. who provided today's photos is very good at labeling his contributions, but I lost the note for this one.
Many thanks to Larry for today's pictures!



  1. Wish I could find that oic of my Dad and his bud at the hot spring in Iceland. It would wouldnicely into this post.

  2. You remembered right. My copy of this photo is labeled "British sailors bathing at Corfu, 1914-1918." The photo is from the Imperial War Museum collection. And as always, you're welcome for the pictures.

  3. Larry K must have a nice view of the world -- some of us are just joining in on his fun -- thanks for sharing all of these pleasantries.

    1. Larry does indeed have a nice view of the world, and you should check out his blog at the link provided.