Thursday, February 25, 2021

I don't know how to describe this one, so I'll leave it to the comments.



  1. "Nothing comes between me and my bull whip."

  2. Neither the model nor the pose does much for me.

  3. IMO this man has fine Ok a bit odd features. Which the photographer did not use well

  4. The model has an exaggerated outgoing hip - in French it is called dehanchrment - and signals a form by which female erotic differentiation can be incarnated in male bodies. Classically the model is an ephebe, alluding to his antique protype. You can see this in the Apollo Sauroctonus (original by Praxiteles) or the Fr4nch revolutionary painting Achilles receiving the ambassadors of Agamemnon painted by Jean Augusta Dominique Ingres in 1801. The figure of Patroclus has a similar pose. It is a type of idealized masculine types as women could not displayed ( many paintings used young male models and painted idealized round breasts and padding around hips and buttocks). Most of the images we see of vintage muscle men are idealized virile manhood. But there are other visions of masculinity which celebrate androngynous, youthful, passive male beauty. Because the model has a whip and an open glare, his body type and pose contradicts it. You can see a variety of idealized masculine bodies in Jacques Louis David's Leonidas at Thermopylae.

    1. Very interesting and enlightening! Thanks for commenting.