Friday, March 26, 2021

George Quaintance Day

Viewer and friend Michael P. helped me discover a lot of new information and images relating to George Quaintance (1902-1957) when he recently requested a series on Zaro Rossi.  Quaintance is shown here with his lover and business partner, Victor Garcia, along with an unknown woman.  Born in rural Virginia, Quaintance left home at 16 to study art and dance in New York.  He initially found work as a dancer before moving on to work as a hair dresser and eventually as an artist doing glamor fantasy nudes of women for cheesy magazines.  He met Puerto Rico native Garcia in New York, and moved with him to California around 1948 where he painted the first cover for Physique Pictorial.  It was men only from that point forward, and by 1950, the couple was in Phoenix doing Western themed work.  At some point, Quaintance taught Garcia how to do photography, and I have learned that many, if not most, of the photos attributed to Quaintance were done by Victor.


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