Monday, March 15, 2021

In my last series on this subject, I mistakenly identified a photo very similar to the lower one in this composite I made as part of the Ivy League Posture Study.  Fellow blogger and frequent contributor Larry K. has extensively researched the Ivy League photos, and convinced me that these are military.  What still puzzles me, though, is the difference between the two types.  The documented St. Mary's College naval pre-flight photos resemble the mystery shots, but there are key differences.  You all no doubt noticed that the St. Mary's guy in the top picture has on a jock strap.  Also, the name and date formatting are different, as is the grid pattern.  There is someone holding the naked guys hands, apparently to keep him in a steady position.  So this is either some other military facility (they all look like recruits to me) or St. Mary's changed their format at some point.


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