Sunday, March 28, 2021


Roscoe was certain that between the fresh baked bread 
and his new bikini underwear, he would soon find a boyfriend.


  1. A photograph featuring the Jockey Skants bikini brief has to post date 1958, which is when Jockey launched this particular brand, although - as above - they slimmed down the design in about 1962/3 to cater to the fashion for very brief male underwear. Skants were of a quick-dry, single-ply, four-way stretch Nylon, with a tell-tale cross-over of the back and front panels at the hip. They were made under licence in both Australia and Britain and manufacture ceased in the early 1980s. In Australia and Britain they were marketed as one of the first "sports brief" as replacement for the jockstrap, and became very popular with jockeys and particularly runners, given that running shorts were then split-leg at the sides from the belt down, which could be as draughty as they were revealing in a wind. My school put them on the uniform list in 1968, much to the amusement of my housemaster. The Skants line to this day remains one of Jockey's greatest commercial successes.

    1. I remember when every gay bar in New Orleans was filled with guys in running shorts and very little else . . . about 1978.