Friday, April 9, 2021

Bob Hille posed for an impressive 1956 photo by Frank Collier.
I may do a series in a few days on this underrated photographer. 



  1. Wow. Yet another shadow on the man's thigh. What can I say? This light-dark contrast is radically different from that of the first photo. The male's (handsome) body stands out sharply from the (odd) dark background. The top photo is not so stark, is it? Is this a mere stylitistic difference?

    1. There are so many things interesting about this one, and of course what you say is correct. Even the background caught my interest with the stark, yet subtly lighted bare tree with something hanging in it.

  2. Interessantes und ungwoehnliches Foto. Dieses Foto von Herr Hille scheint das Werk von Herr Platt-Lynes zu sein und zeit kunstlerischen Fahigkeiten von Herr Collier.