Monday, April 19, 2021

Borrowed Bums

I stole today's Bum Brigade homage from that great blog Men From Back Then.
We see Al Buck, Ray Darling, Bob Asch and Gary Scott in the AMG film Gay Nineties Atelier.
Thanks to James IV for both his blog and cheerful acceptance of my theft.



  1. As the self-styled understudy to the great Albert, President of the Bum Brigade, may I say that this is a magnificent photo; and may I also say that I am also a fan of James' great blog Men From Back Then and a regular contributor there too.

  2. I think they would have made me happy if they had had a hairier ass a few more years ;-)
    Tahnk Phil !!! ;-)

    1. Sometimes we have to settle for less than perfect, but time will bring us closer I'm sure.