Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Frank Klutka

Considering that Frank Collier's known working area was from Norfolk, Virginia to Washington, D.C.,
I will venture a guess that this impressive photo of Frank Klutka was made on the Chesapeake Bay.



  1. This brings back memories. My landlord, many years ago, had a boat, and we often went boating on the Lower Potomac around the bay...skinny dipping in a background that looks much like this. Interesting iight-dark contrasts, and shadowing. Sharp shadow on his neck and armpits, but softer/lighter on the right side of his body. And the shadow of his body on the ground behind him looks like a Chesapeake crab. Lol.

  2. This guy exudes confidence, he's obviously proud of his body. Not many guys can pull off walking on a beach nude with that kind of confidence. To me, he comes across as being comfortable and natural.

    1. Definitely true, and I only have a couple of photos of him, alas.