Monday, April 12, 2021

"If I were the King of the Nudists . . . "

Today we look at some nudist royalty and what they might have said on winning.

"I hope there's cash prize this time instead of a fruit basket like last year."



  1. Là, Jerry, tu me mets au défi pour trouver ce qu'ils auraient pu dire...
    Je relève le défi !!! Tu sais que j'adore légender les photos!!!
    "Ma courronne est belle et tout le monde ne regarde que la courronne de poil que j'ai autour de ma bite!"
    There, Jerry, you challenge me to find what they could have said ...
    I accept the challenge !!! You know I love captioning photos !!!
    "My crown is beautiful and everyone is only looking at the crown of hair that I have around my cock!"

  2. This only demonstrates what outrageous behaviour heterosexuals get up to when they're left to their own devices...

    1. True. I knew some hetero guys who organized a fake ugly baby pageant, and some women tried to enter their babies in it. "Is your baby so ugly that it's cute?" read the newspaper ad.

  3. I'd definitely have voted for him!

  4. Joseph Brian ScottApril 12, 2021 at 12:28 PM

    "Last year" ??

    From what I've seen it's not difficult to believe that they had these pageants every weekend, lol.

    1. Well, you may be on to something. There are an awful lot of this pictures floating around.