Monday, May 3, 2021


This 1956 photo shows French soldiers crowding around a small pool during the Algerian War.
Did men in France wear tightie whities in '56?  Looks like one did.



  1. Very much so... These soldiers are stripping to their underwear, not wearing bathers, and the fashions certainly in Britain would take another decade to catch up. Not so in metropolitan America, however, where beneath the "I have never been a member of the Communist Party" three-piece and trilby, many men were experimenting with Nylon bikini briefs.

    1. There was a lot going on just below the surface in 1950s America. Just ask Kinsey.

    2. There were certainly a lot of males jerking off together. Though I must say it was the 1940s; the male volume came out in 1948.

      What's interesting is nowhere in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male does it say 10% of men are gay. The number ranges from 2% (exclusive) to over 60% (admitted to masturbating with another guy at least once).

    3. Thanks for pointing out the date. Kinsey continued his controversial research until his death in 1956, and his participatory approach wasn't well known until later. His Institute lives on as a division of Indiana University.