Friday, May 14, 2021

Beard Day, Part 1 - Igout or Heid?

Yes, friends, I'm going on a 19th C. beard and bear binge today with a triple feature of non-shavers.
Part one takes us back to the confused muddle which constitutes the attributions for the work of Louis Igout and Hermann Heid.  Their unlabeled photos appeared together in an "album" of nude photos used by artists who couldn't afford life models.  Since both men independently published some of those photos, attributions aren't always tough, but we have a lot of guesses left over.
In the case of our first photo, Igout gets the nod due to it having been separately issued.



  1. I've seen a number of these antique shots where the model is vaguely engaged in boxing. This is one of the least convincing of them. BUT...The man has a nice body.

    1. Some observers have said that this model is pretending to hold a rifle, but you could easily be right about a poor attempt at boxing.

    2. I'm probably wrong but am thinking it is just a display of the arm muscles as viewed from both sides?

    3. I hadn't thought of that, but muscle display was what some of these photos were all about.