Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Fancy pants

I have a whole collection of hunks like this wearing ruffled panties,
but I'm posting this one because he looks like he's using legit gymnastics gear.



  1. Oh mon dieu, j'ai eu la même culotte quand j'étais bébé!!! LOLLLLLL
    Oh my god I had the same panties when I was a baby !!! LOLLLLLL

  2. Yes, these were pleated shorts which allowed for full movement and came into use with the introduction of industrialized rubber elastic at around the time of the invention of the "jockey strap" in the 1870s. He is wearing sheer wool tights beneath for warmth and support. It's a completely legit outfit. But I'm more worried about the hair...

    1. Yes, I noticed the hair, too. I got an Oscar Wilde vibe.

  3. I'm going to call this an advertisement for a circus act. Those rings might have been regulation Olympic equipment at the turn of last century, but no competitive gymnast would have worn those "panties" for practice or competition.