Friday, May 7, 2021

Fetishes by Kris and Etienne, Part 1 - Nude photos by Chuck Renslow

Chuck Renslow and Etienne "Dom" Orejudos of Chicago had a productive relationship on several levels.  Both of them featured fetish related themes in their work, so it was a natural to do our Friday art double feature on them.  Let's get the show going with Don Baker doing his best biker bad boy.
All of today's images used by the kind permission of the copyright holder,
the Leather Archives & Museum of Chicago, Illinois, USA.



  1. I like the way he manages to pull off the "wise ass" attitude despite being stripped from the waist down. It doesn't seem that easy to do.

  2. I just found out that today is No Pants Day, so this photo is very appropriate.

    1. I just found out, too . . . in the newspaper comics, lol.