Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Kim & Hugh

Kim Fox and Hugh Pendleton are holding on to a hoop that will appear later in today's series.



  1. I like this pose, and they're smiling! The sheen on their bodies would be sweat, no doubt.And the male on the left has "that shadow."

  2. Oh, and the shadow of their bodies with that ring is unusual.

  3. I have read that Hugh Pendleton used to suffer from a condition best called "spontaneous tumescence of the membrum virile" when stripping off for the camera, which didn't stop his photographers snapping away for posterity. I remember a whole series of such photos when, eventually, the law allowed for their publication. I have always enjoyed this series of Pendleton with Kim Fox as their physiques are superbly matched.

    1. I didn't know Hugh had that reaction to stripping, but he wasn't the only model to experience it. And you're spot on about the models matching well.