Sunday, May 16, 2021


As you've probably noticed by now, Bob McCune was photographed in a wide range 
of positions and  from different angles, and he looked good in all of them.
This seated version is by Russ Warner and seems a bit less oiled than others.



  1. Was this an outdoor shot? The ground looks like it might be. Again, do you reckon Warner might have worked this shoot in the raw? just occurred to me, who oiled these males when they posed? I had the good luck one time to be back stage at a posing competition, and got to oil one of the competitors who was NOT shy about what I oiled! Did the models oil themselves, or did the photographers do it?

  2. Indoor, and I don't know who did the oiling.

  3. His pubes are clearly trimmed to behave inside the usual strap. From this pic, it is clear why his strap shots look so "overstuffed". The man is very well hung!