Monday, May 24, 2021

Vincenzo Galdi

Viewer Steven from the UK recently requested a series on 19th C. models from the south of Italy.
I'm more than pleased to oblige, and having posted works fairly recently by both von Pluschow 
and von Gloeden, I decided to go with Vincenzo Galdi, a protegee of von Pluschow.



  1. Jolie toison pubienne comme je les aime et il a un très beau pénis
    Pretty pubic hair as I like them and he has a very nice penis

  2. An excellent series - thank you Jerry (and Steven for the suggestion). This is a lovely photo of a beautiful and blessed model.

  3. Lovely male body as near as makes no difference ~ pure perfection. His waist and lower sensual stunning penis & pubes.
    And his navel & upward' he is ultra cute a real beauty, with such a fine facial expression.
    What joy.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. This genre is not always the most popular with viewers.

    2. Absolutely, and very well written John

  4. I believe the word "dreamboat" was invented for this fellow. Or in Italian, "dreamboti."

  5. An excellent series - thank you Jerry (and Steven for the suggestion)

  6. Seduttore di uomini - Quello desiderato
    Like a scene from one of the long-lost epics of the Italian silent film.
    The favored servant of a doge and dogeressa or conte and contessa,
    a life of anguish and rapture, a melodrama in a palatial palazzo,
    the bygone filigree world of the art nouveau / stile liberty,
    a dream soon forgotten.
    -Rj in the IE

  7. Galdis Liebling, Il Serpente. Ein Tableau von Galdis Verlangen und Zuneigung.
    Wie eine Szene aus Italienischen Epos von 1912.