Sunday, May 16, 2021

Weighty matter

I suspect that this Russ Warner photo of Bob McCune is a "cutout" since a few details seem poorly cut.  I think that's a detached barbell weight disc he's holding, and it just occurred to me that Warner may have cut out the background to avoid having the location of his nude photo shoot identified . . . especially if that happened to be a well known Los Angeles area gym.



  1. Again with the heavy oil, but again, effective for this photo. Interesting speculation about the background. Or rather, the lack thereof. Would Warnere have risked publishing and/or selling these full frontals?

    1. My list of photographers harassed or arrested does not include Warner, so my hunch is that these were very privately shared, if at all, and not distributed in numbers.

    2. Yeah, pictures like these would be held close to the vest as they say
      And McCune with the classic discobolus look, he would have to put some real trust in Russ Warner for photos like this.
      - RJ in the IE

  2. What stands out to me is how muscular and beautifully proportioned this guy is. A lot of the guys who posed back in the day were much slimmer in build by comparison. This is what I call BEEFCAKE!