Sunday, June 27, 2021

Big Top

Dan Lurie's competitive bodybuilding career was waning when the TV age dawned.  So his next move was to land a spot on a popular children's variety show called Sealtest's Big Top.  He was billed as "Sealtest Dan, the Muscle Man" from 1950 to 1957.  Also appearing on the show was a clown named Ed who was later better known as Johnny Carson's sidekick, Ed McMahon.  Here we see Dan getting his makeup applied.  I wonder if this lucky makeup guy got to do his whole body?



  1. I remember that show! I don't specifically remember the Muscle Man, nor the clown. My sister and I watched it faithfully every Saturday morning after the cartoons.

    1. I was an avid TV fan in the later stretch of those years, but don't remember the show. Maybe they didn't run it in West Texas.