Sunday, June 27, 2021

Classic pose

Although he didn't mention it in his autobiography, Dan Lurie never denied that he had posed nude early in his career and honestly answered interviewers' questions about it.  In reference to Earle Forbes, he once said,  "Yes, quite a few of us posed nude for Earle.  We knew he was pitching those to gays on the side, but we didn't really mind because he did great work and got guys into the best magazines.



  1. Nice light oil job. I like how the lighting emphasizes his torso.

  2. If you wanted to get anywhere in physique modeling, you had to let gay guys jerk off to your pics. Many physique models went farther, so really, this is setting a clear boundary.

    1. I think a key factor was whether your career objective was competitive bodybuilding or something else, such as hustling.