Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Dan . . . again

Dan Lurie said in his memoir that he and a number of Earle Forbes' bodybuilder models knew 
that their nude pictures were being sold to gays, "but we didn't care because he got us into 
the top magazines, and the pictures were very good."  I can't argue with that.



  1. Gay porn was sold on the black market, so few people would know about it, and you could plead "I thought they were artistic." If the pay's good, and you get into genuine artistic magazines this way, what's the harm?

    In pre-AIDS days, many of these models would even offer private sessions, which basically meant you could pay to watch them pose nude, to watch them jerk off, to jerk them off, or to suck them. But this was even more clandestine.

    1. This particular model has a well documented history. Look for a full series on Dan Lurie in about two weeks here with this and a lot of other photos and stories.