Sunday, June 27, 2021

Dan and his brother Morris

Al Urban took this photo of Dan Lurie and his brother Morris.  The two were so hard to tell apart that even some experts have trouble telling which is which.  Dan is supposed to be at left here.  Morris was older and went into the Army when World War II started.  He was tragically killed at Anzio, Italy.  Morris was a good boxer, and so was Dan, but Dan's heart murmur sidelined him from the sport.



  1. Considering the times, I am surprised that the parents were supportive of having both sons posing naked. Or were they? I do admire Dan's uncaring attitude about having his pictures sold to homosexuals. Cool dude! And I like this photo very much.

    1. It's quite possible, if not probable, that the parents didn't know about the nude modeling. Both brothers were said to have been over 18 when they began it, so consent would not have been an issue . . . not that some people didn't fudge on that, then and now.

    2. Sending nudes through the mail was illegal. Child porn laws only developed after porn itself became legal.