Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Earle Forbes Wednesday

Earle Forbes got his start as a dancer taking amateur shots of his troupe,
but he quickly moved on to bigger things in the world of physique photography.
Today, I'm featuring a wide variety of his work, starting with Benny Piekarski.



  1. Gorgeous image. Ben certainly had a superb and nicely proportionate physique.

  2. Cette chaîne me rappelle un souvenir. Un jour un de mes copains, m'a mis une petite chaine (tu imagines où, n'est-ce pas Jerry), puis il me l'a retiré d'un coup ! J'ai trouvé ça très amusant !! A essayer si tu en as l'occasion lol
    This chain reminds me of a memory. One day one of my friends put a little chain on me (you can imagine where, can you not Jerry), then he suddenly took it off! I found it a lot of fun !! To try if you have the chance lol

    1. You should write one of your books about the strange experiences in your own life, Albert . . . if you haven't already.

    2. I can't write a book about my intimate life, I should sell it in the porn section, Jerry LOLLL

    3. I would suggest using a pseudonym, but after all this time, we would all know it was our Albert, lol!