Thursday, June 24, 2021


Frank Evans, aka, Erron was a Colt model in the 70's who went on to make a number of successful
 porn films.  He seems to be blocking somebody's way up the stairs in this still shot.



  1. He has nice male gear, but he can't hold a candle to the other males in this series. By the way, Jerry, overall,this is a terrific series. Thanks.

  2. Je n'aurais pas forcé le passage pour monter les marche.. mais je me serais arrêté à la deuxième marche pour m'occuper de ce merveilleux postérieur poilu comme je les aime. Merci Jerry pour cette photo et pour cette série, elle est sublime!!!
    I would not have forced the passage to climb the steps .. but I would have stopped at the second step to take care of this wonderful hairy bottom as I like them. Thank you Jerry for this photo and for this series, it is sublime !!!