Sunday, June 27, 2021

Into his 80's and still active

Mr. Lurie lived to be 90, and he was active promoting fitness and training as late as age 88.
He well deserves his many accolades, and has my respect for being honest and even humorous about his nude modeling.  This is the latest photo I could find of this great man.



  1. It's great to hear that Dan was of the opinion that "all publicly is good publicity" school of thought. Plus his explanation that these photographers got him "into all the best magazines" was not only pragmatic but very open minded, especially for that time.

    1. Yes, Greggy, in all the somewhat extensive research I did on Mr. Lurie, I couldn't find any instances of what we might call a lack of open mindedness. Yes, he had some business disputes, and yes, he could be something of a huckster at times, but his essential character comes through as very good.

  2. loven ! jeg hilser herr lurie. *osloson