Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Jockstrap Day

I regularly get requests for jockstrap series, and Dennis R. from Phoenix recently put one in, so here we go.  This first image has odd tinting that I can't quite figure out, plus tan lines adding interest.



  1. Looks like a B&W photo with applied hand coloring, before cheap color printing was a popular and cheaper option.
    Seems were used "flesh" (body), light yellow (floor), yellow (hair) and green (grass/mold?)

  2. The male is handsome. Growing up around all male's, most of whom were jocks, I never thought of them as a fashion statement. Then...they were out in colours and with no straps on the pouch...and times sure have changed. And not for the worse!

  3. Is this guy wearing a jockstrap or a thong? I keep looking and looking and looking and looking .... LOL. In either case, it doesn't matter: his manhood is nicely accentuated.
    All of today's posts are excellent.

    1. I wondered about that too, but included it anyway.