Sunday, June 6, 2021

John Weidemann Day

A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of John Weidemann that produces a lot of comments and request for more.  It was easy to put together a group of pleasing photos, but not so easy to find out what this handsome man did after his modeling and movie career.  He is described as a bodybuilder in some accounts of his Hollywood work, but he doesn't appear on any lists of champions or even also-rans.
My usual research methods came up blank, but at least we have some photos to enjoy.



  1. Another great series, Jerry. What a handsome man and what a physique. Nice shadow and, as Big Dude noted in an earlier John Weidemann post, while they aren't super low, they do hang nicely ... and are a nice size too.

  2. I see that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was released in 1953, which would tally with the size and style of Mr Weidemann's suntan lines. Given that early date, I am surprised to see only one posing pouch shot, the rest nude studies in your excellent choice today. As they are attributed to Bruce Bellas, would I be right in wondering if they were for mail order only, or kept over for later publication? He certainly was a handsome beast.

    1. You are absolutely correct that Bruce could not have legally distributed the frontal nudes at the time they were made. He was very circumspect in terms of never distributing frontal male nudes through the mail, and thus avoided the consequences of arrest and imprisonment that others such as Doug Juleff, Lyle Frisby, Freddie Kovert, and Lon Hanagan faced. He did, however, very discretely share some in a small closed circle of aficionados. And yes, some were released later both before and after his death. A favorite model and possible lover, Scotty Cunningham, was with Bruce at the time of his 1974 death, inherited his portfolio, and is given credit for preserving his work. We owe them both a lot.

  3. Yes... Not merely because he was a youthful favourite of mine, I think we all owe Scotty Cunningham a very great and unsung debt.