Friday, June 11, 2021

Keith Vaughan, Photography and Art

Keith Vaughan (1912-1977) was a British artist who never really accepted his homosexuality, 
but did leave behind quite a bit of homoerotic art, much of which he kept in a secret portfolio.  
I featured some of his interesting work about two years ago, and it's time for a second series.
I'm mixing the limited photography he did with some of my favorite pieces of his art.



  1. I have always been a great admirer of Keith Vaughn's art - both painting and photography and so I would like to thank you for this series.

    During my research into the history of sportswear, I came across two remarkable photographs by him - "Bather Fastening Sandal" and "Male Figure Beneath Ship's Hull" - featuring the same very good specimen wearing the briefest swimming trunks I had seen dating from the 1930s, consisting of small back and front panels fastened by two side tie strings, at both top and bottom and leaving a considerable amount of the hip naked. I have never seen another example.

    1. I was quite happy to put this series together. I do have those other photos you mention, and believe it or not, I took note of the swim trunks as being out of place for the time. My own very amateur opinion is that they might have been created for the occasion.

  2. "Bather Fastening Sandal" and "Male Figure Beneath Ship's Hull".
    When we will enjoy them?

    1. Sorry, but it may be a while. I don't have enough of this material for another full series, so I'll have to combine those with something similar.