Monday, July 19, 2021

Amateur Day Again

Time for another set of amateur work,
starting with what I think is a Polaroid.



  1. Un bel homme de style italien avec la poupée de mon personnage préféré Donald Duck :-)
    A handsome man in Italian style with the doll of my favorite character Donald Duck :-)

  2. I like "amateur days," Jerry. Regular guys sharing it all...nice. Thank you.

  3. Absolutely hello!

  4. Hmmmm....I'm wondering if those passed for sex toys in the 50's? This guy seems so happy to be there that he wouldn't have a problem using them anyway his partner wanted.

  5. Weirdly anachronistic, that doll looks a lot like Dolan. Dolan, for those who don't know, is the MS Paint dank meme version of Donald Duck, with friends like Gooby, Hinnie teh Pee, and Spoderman.

    1. I agree. There were some weirdly goofy knock-off toys made of Disney (and other) characters to avoid copyright issues. I know because I avidly collected Donald Duck stuff for almost a decade. I got tired of it, though, and sold it all at a garage sale. Well, I sold a lot. Some of it went in the trash.