Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Asnis, All American Athlete?

Well, David Asnis was a New York men's fashion model, not an all American athlete,
but that didn't keep him from appearing on the cover of a magazine with that name.
Al Urban provided the photo for this edition in December of 1940.



  1. He sure doesn't look like today's fashion models! I like this look better.

  2. Actually, he does look a lot like modern fashion models. There was a time when male fashion models didn't have to look and be athletic (40's through 60's). Doing runway modeling is very different from a photo ad campaign. You are only hired for your measurements doing runway, being pretty and blonde is for photo advertising. Asnis comes across as solely a runway model.

    1. While I'm sure he looked just fine in clothes of any sort, he is almost exclusively remembered for his nude work and the fact that he convinced Al Urban to go full time into nude photography.