Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Human Pyramids

Today we look at some human constructions projects.  These guys were versatile, 
and you'll see them again later in today's series in a different arrangement.



  1. Those grins say these males were comfortable doing this stuff in the raw. We should be so lucky these days.

  2. The buzzed haircuts makes me think they're new military recruits just having fun. I agree with BD that we seldom see this level of comfort with nudity these days, unless they're being paid.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen these acrobatics at all in my lifetime. By the time most of these pictures came along, they were already the legacy of the "strongman" tradition and acrobats that were made popular in the music halls and circuses which were both so prominent inventions and features of Victorian-period popular culture. I have a vague recall that I might have seen something like it done with motorbikes - but with such an intense interest in vehicular transport as mine, were you to ask me what car I would like to drive, I'm probably likely to answer "One in Wallis Blue".

    1. I've seen this done in American gym classes, including my own when we did "tumbling" which was something crudely resembling floor gymnastics. We were in our uniforms, of course, but we did get to shower together afterwards in a big gang.