Saturday, July 10, 2021


Bondage, degradation, humiliation, filth . . . all ingredients of the "line crossing" ritual.
(Sounds like the sort of cruise some of my viewers would sign up for, lol.)
And I really need to know what the purpose of that huge box of potatoes was.



  1. Photos intéressante, les pommes de terre servait certainement à évaluer la dilatation du cul des marins!! LOL
    Tu sais Jerry que j'ai beaucoup d'imagination!!!
    Interesting photos, the potatoes were certainly used to assess the dilation of the ass of the sailors !! LOL
    You know Jerry that I have a lot of imagination !!!

  2. This and the previous two photos are all from a photo album of the crossing of the line by the USS Narwhal in July 1940. They guy being hazed in this photo may be the owner of the album, Torpedoman's Mate First Class George Hollister Foote. Another photo from the album
    looks like it was taken a minute later – same box of potatoes, with a naked guy crawling a little farther away – and in that photo, George Foote labeled the naked guy in the photo "me".

    1. Thanks for the details, Larry. I think I got my two photos from that same web page.