Friday, July 16, 2021


This drawing is a bit odd for several reasons.  First, it is "rougher" in terms of the pencil work than Allyn Cox's other works of the type.  Second, it's hard to tell if the model is reclining, standing on the edge of something, or falling.  Third, he looks like he may have just been shot in the chest.
That last bit is possible because Cox did some murals of battle scenes.



  1. I kind of like the "uncertainty" here. It really is unusual.

    1. True. Some art history student should do a thesis matching Cox's sketches to his finished works. There is probably a nicely done color version of this somewhere embedded in a mural.

  2. I see that the image of the figure's left foot is cut off with a straight line, consistent with standing on a ledge of some kind. However, the way his penis is draped over his scrotum makes it look like a supine position. And then there's that odd flex of his right wrist, which doesn't fit with lying down or standing on a ledge.

    Maybe Cox knew that this picture would drive people crazy, and he was just having some fun with us?