Friday, July 23, 2021

Picasso, Part 1 - 1890's in Training


When it comes to the art of Picasso, I find myself attracted to two disparate segments of his career.
Probably because of my affinity for nude males, those would be his academic nudes he did in training in the 1890's and his line drawings of nude males in the early 1930's.  So today we will look at those two periods, along with some male nude photography done at the same time.  This painting of a black male was done in 1897, near the end of Picasso's academic work.


  1. Lovely, elegant pose...not much of an indication of how Picasso's later styles would develop. I do like the clever use of the pole and taught rope to, as usual stabilise the pose. Must try that one..

    1. From what I've read, the academies of that era were on a pretty strict curriculum and would have thrown Picasso out on his ear had he taken up his later style. Like any number of great professionals, he might not have had a clue at that point where all this would take him . . . or where he would take us.

    2. Interesting. Yes, as far as I know all art schools required that they all had comply to the strict academic norms. Then thankfully free to go wherever their imagination took them.