Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The mysterious Herr Fiedler

Not long ago, I came across a small collection of very early 20th C. photos labeled
"Movendo, Figurliche Darstellungen von A. Fiedler," which translates as "Movendo, Figure 
Portrayals by A. Fiedler."  We start with a smallish model holding a sword or fencing foil.
I've searched and searched for either more information on or more photos 
by Fiedler, but nothing has come up.  If anyone can help, please do.



  1. Oh, superb. The male nude fencer is a favourite concept of mine. Stripped bare armed with a literally rapier sharp weapon. One for me to try too..

    1. Yes, it is a fairly common motif that never seems to get tiresome.