Tuesday, July 13, 2021


The way the model his holding his hands makes me think they may be bound.
Fiedler managed to get a bit of mystery in this one along with the shadows, and
hopefully my life model friend David in London will explain the foot block.



  1. Oh, wonderful. This guy clearly knows how to pose. Beautifully constructed, and yes, I think his wrists are bound. A very powerful image. A set of blocks of various sizes is standard equipment in most life studios. To set the pose, the artist and model arrange the blocks to provide stable support for the model. This process can take some time, checking the pose from all angles and, hopefully the model's comfort. I always enjoy this bit of modelling. Being a sort of living piece of studio equipment. The inclusion of such blocks and other support devices in academic studies is, for me as a model very useful in assessing how a particular pose was achieved.

    1. Thank you, David, for the detailed and interesting explanation. I really value your contributions to the blog.

    2. Once again my pleasure. Happy to be of service using my "on the job" experience.