Friday, August 6, 2021

Australia Day, Part 2 - Art by Donald Friend

Part two of our Australian double feature consists of art work by Donald Stuart Leslie Friend 
(1915-1989) an artist whose reputation suffered from both his homoerotic drawings of young men while living and the posthumous publication of his diaries.  Those diaries described a number of 
illegal and immoral (even by my own modern standards) relationships with models and others.



  1. TBH, if you mean they were underage, age of consent was lower back then, and there were a ton of heterosexist double standards. Like, I remember in the 90s, there was a twelve-year-old father, and the twentysomething mother wasn't sent to prison because, well, screwing an 11-year-old proved she was clearly immature. He was, however, mature enough to pay child support because, well, he banged a chick.

    So, males basically always consented with females. Male perpetrators with female victims were criminals, albeit sympathetic ones. Male perpetrators with male victims could be sympathetic (if the male was also a minor and it was just teaching masturbation or similar), but if the perp was an adult, he was worse than Hitler. And female perpetrators with female victims didn't exist as lesbians didn't exist.

    And here I as a victim just want to lock up all these people and throw away the key.

    1. You make some good points. I would only add that in the 2000's there were several women imprisoned for affairs with underage males. Double standards in reference to gender haven't gone away, though.