Sunday, August 15, 2021

Bruce Goes to a Real Rodeo

At several points in his long and busy career, Bruce Bellas, aka Bruce of LA, went on the road to photograph real cowboys at rodeos.  Today I'm posting a group of six believed to have been taken in the late 1950's, possibly as late as 1960.  Based on my own personal history, I have to say that the authenticity of the men and the time frame both seem above reproach.  We start with a  cowboy standing outside the livestock stalls in an utterly classic pose.  And yes, sometimes I miss that life.
Here's some music by Jerry Jeff Walker to set the tone:



  1. Nice looking male...serious as hell. These guys sustained some pretty tough injuries I heard.

    1. Injuries are common and can be severe, even fatal. Jerry Jeff Walker sings it better than I can say it:

      "Eat a cheeseburger, drink a six-pack, take a Darvon for the pain
      I'm a rodeo-deo cowboy, bordering on insane."

  2. Beautiful photo and what a handsome guy. Sorry to be crude but he looks as though he's well equipped too.These real cowboy photos are a real treat.