Wednesday, August 4, 2021


At first glance,Leonard Chambers seems to be pulling the sword out of a stone in this AMG shot, 
but on closer examination, that appears to be a pile of turf.  His muscles are nice regardless.
Bob Mizer's brave memorialization of Leonard reminds us that courage in the face of oppression is not only possible, but something we simply must do.  Thanks, Bob.  The lesson resonates today.



  1. Light oil job? His splendid musculature shows very well in this shot. It's shameful that he was murdered, and Mizer did right to memorialize him.

  2. He's lightly oiled in all his photos here. He really was a handsome pro. Too bad the corrupt LA police murdered him execution style. It was well known for the LA police force was so corrupt that and organized that the Mafia and crime groups couldn't get much action because the police force had a stranglehold on most criminal endeavors. Daryl Gates was the last of the police commissioner/crime bosses.

    1. Yes, the LA police had a decades long bad reputation.