Sunday, August 15, 2021

Jerry again

Jerry Sullivan makes his second appearance with the horse in this image that I had to restore.
It may have been a color slide, but it was so severely yellowed, that I shifted it to B&W.



  1. He's handsome as all get out! A touch of hair on his chest, interesting shadow play and another shadow on his thigh...Thanks, Jerry, this whole series is rousing success. AND...dare I say it? An AROUSING success, too. Lol.

  2. Old Jerry here has been around horses. Look at the way he's properly holding those rope reigns (no bridle) tightly under the horse's jaw. Sullivan's no poseur. Plus his muscular and hairy body is sensual and masculine. I'm glad he's one of your favorites too. Thanks!

    1. Spot on, Greggy! I think I commented on one of the other posts that he really did know horses. Glad you liked the series.