Sunday, August 1, 2021

Joe Canoli Double Feature, Part 1 - Nudes


I have waiting quite a while, but I've finally put together a full double feature series on Joe Canoli, a really attractive Italian-American model.  Everything I have in my Canoli collection is by Walter Kundzicz of Champion Studio, and I'm not aware that Joe worked for anyone else.  For the unitiated, the term "canoli" is literally a cylindrical Italian pastry, but it is also an Italian slang term for penis.  We start the series with Joe by a fireplace with some snowshoes.  Interesting props.
This series is dedicated to my favorite paisan, Mike P.!


  1. Il suo canoli e molto bello e bastante grande. Mi piace.

  2. Well, sort of.....the dessert is actually spelled with two "N"'s , hence, "Cannoli".